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The TaxTracker will help you stay organized and document your travel & expenses 365 days a year.  Never miss out on another deduction and become Audit Proof in the process!



Tax Deduction Business Kit

U.S. Tax Relief


Learn how to capture ALL the tax deductions you are legally allowed - Put together by a Former Senior Trial Attorney for the IRS!

Following are some of the services offered:

* Audit Protection

* 3 Year Review

* Bi Weekly calls

* Unlimited Q&A

‚Äč* Entity Consultation

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Your Tax Preparer can only be as good as the information you give them.  Learn how to give them the "correct" information so they can do their best job and help you only pay what you legally owe!

Tax Preparation is one day per year...   Tax Planning is 365 days per year!  Depending on how you plan will determine how much you pay in taxes!